Assignment of Benefits

I hereby authorize my Insurance Company to pay by check made payable and mailed directly to: FAST LAB TECHNOLOGIES, LLC for the medical and surgical benefits allowable, and otherwise payable to me under my current insurance policy, as payment toward the total charges for the services rendered. I understand that as a courtesy to me, Fast Lab Technologies, LLC will file a claim with my insurance company on my behalf. However, I am financially responsible for, and hereby do agree to pay, in a current manner, any charges not covered by the insurance payment. If it is necessary to file a formal collection action, I agree to pay all costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by Fast Lab Technologies, LLC in the collection of the outstanding fees. Actual Plan Benefits cannot be determined until the claim is received by your insurance company and is based upon their determination of medical necessity. The information received from the above stated is not a guarantee of payment.

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Fast Lab is a medical diagnostic laboratory in NYC that offers a full range of bioanalytical testing services. We provide a wide variety of tests, as well as fast, efficient COVID-19 testing for travel, symptoms and precautionary measures.