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Exercise Can Help Prevent Depression

November 7, 2019
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Getting more exercise could help keep off depression, albeit you’ve got a genetic risk for it, new research shows.

For the study, researchers analyzed data from nearly 8,000 people and located that those with a genetic predisposition were more likely to be diagnosed with depression over subsequent two years.

But that was less likely for people that were more active at the study’s start, albeit that they had an inherited risk. Higher levels of physical activity helped protect even those with the very best genetic risk for depression, the investigators found.

Our findings strongly suggest that, when it involves depression, genes aren’t destiny which being physically active has the potential to neutralize the added risk of future episodes in individuals who are genetically vulnerable.

Karmel Choi

Both high-intensity exercise (such as aerobics, dance and exercise machines) and lower-intensity activities (such as yoga and stretching) were related to a reduced risk of depression, the findings showed. Adding four hours of exercise every week could lower the danger of a replacement episode of depression by 17%, consistent with the study published Nov. 5 within the journal Depression and Anxiety.

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