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Histological assessment

November 11, 2019
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Histopathological assessments play a crucial role within the diagnosis and management of patients with disease . for a few conditions, liver biopsy remains routinely wont to establish the explanation for disease . In other circumstances, evaluation of morphological changes provides additional information that’s useful for clinical management, for instance when assessing disease severity in chronic hepatitis and non-alcoholic liver disease disease.

However, with the increased use of non-invasive methods for assessing the severity of liver injury, particularly fibrosis, the role of liver biopsy during this respect is changing. In cases where a dual pathology is suspected, histological assessment can help to spot the most explanation for liver injury. additionally , liver biopsy sometimes reveals abnormalities that haven’t been detected by previous investigations.

Histopathological assessment of liver biopsies involves a scientific evaluation of changes involving individual components of the traditional liver. the ultimate interpretation of the abnormalities detected depends on clinico-pathological correlation. Sampling variation may be a problem, particularly with small needle biopsies, and will be considered as a possible explanation when there’s a disparity between clinical and pathological findings.

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