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Gene Editing Tool Fights Cancer in Early Study

November 7, 2019
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For the primary time within the us , the gene editing tool referred to as CRISPR has been employed to fight cancer, doctors reported Wednesday.

So far, CRISPR has only been tried in three patients, two with myeloma and one with a sarcoma. All had tried standard treatments, to no avail. With CRISPR, doctors extracted system cells from each patient and altered those cells genetically to assist them spot and battle cancer cells. Side effects were minimal, the Associated Press reported.

“It’s the foremost complicated genetic, cellular engineering that’s been attempted thus far ,”

Dr. Edward Stadtmauer,

Two to 3 months later, one patient’s cancer has progressed and one is stable. The third patient was treated recently, so it’s timely to inform if it worked. Fifteen more patients will get the treatment, to check safety and efficacy, the news agency reported.

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