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FREE Instant Same Day COVID-19 PCR Testing delivery direct to your door.


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Quick, Easy, Reliable

Fast Lab is a medical diagnostic laboratory in NYC that offers a full range of bioanalytical testing services. We provide a wide variety of tests, as well as fast, efficient COVID-19 testing for travel, symptoms and precautionary measures.
  • Step1

    Answer a few simple questions. Name - Address - How you like your coffee.... and zoom!!! Off we go assembling your custom test order.

  • Step 2

    Uber grabs your unique test kit and heads over to your home, business, or nomad coffee shop!

  • Step Trenta

    Uber arrives at the speed of an early morning barista. You tip your hat, because we actually tipped your driver (you're welcome) Now follow your easy test instructions included in the box.

  • Step Venti

    Congratulations you've done a thing! A great thing at that you've helped make you, your family, friends and even strangers safer by testing from the safety of your home. You deserve a coffee....err I mean "a break" you've earned it! ( Hmm... I think I may need to cut back on the coffee)