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Studies Confirm HPV Shot Is Safe

November 7, 2019
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The HPV vaccine gives parents an opportunity to stop their children from developing some sorts of cancer, and two new studies reaffirm what past research has found — the vaccine is safe.

The two studies included many doses of Gardasil 9 vaccine, the sole vaccine currently utilized in the us for the prevention of HPV-related cancers.

“The data from our study was very reassuring. We saw nothing unexpected or surprising. With Gardasil 9, we will now prevent an outsized portion of cervical, oropharyngeal [mouth, tongue and throat] and other cancers,” said one among the studies’ lead author, Dr. James Donahue. He’s an epidemiologist with the Marshfield Clinic Research Institute in Wisconsin.

The studies and an accompanying editorial were published Nov. 18 within the journal Pediatrics.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) may be a sexually transmitted virus. It’s estimated that 79 million people within the us are already infected with HPV. Around 14 million new infections with HPV occur per annum . About half those are teens and young adults, consistent with the editorial. Sometimes these infections recover on their own, but many don’t .

HPV is liable for quite 33,000 cancers annually — 20,000 in women and 13,000 in men. Routine use of the Gardasil 9 vaccine could prevent about 90% of those cancers, the editorial said.

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