Safeguarding the Integrity of the Employee Retention Credit Program

September 15, 2023
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Discover why the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is implementing a moratorium on new claims for the Employee Retention Credit program and why they have initiated criminal investigations into potentially fraudulent claims. 

COVID-19 Relief Programs


The COVID-19 pandemic prompted the creation of various relief programs to support struggling businesses and their employees. The Employee Retention Credit emerged as a crucial tax benefit designed to alleviate financial burdens, but unfortunately, it has become an enticing target for unscrupulous individuals seeking to exploit the system.

The IRS has discovered widespread misuse and abuse of the Employee Retention Credit, leading to billions of dollars in potential fraud. To prevent further abuse, the IRS has decided to freeze the program temporarily and implement stricter measures to safeguard its integrity.

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IRS Addressing The Backlog of Legitimate Applications


Despite the moratorium on new claims, the IRS remains committed to addressing the backlog of legitimate applications efficiently. If you suspect your eligibility for the Employee Retention Credit, the IRS encourages you to withdraw your application promptly. This proactive approach demonstrates the agency’s commitment to preserving the program’s integrity and ensuring the correct distribution of financial relief.

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IRS investigations into criminal activity nearing $3 billion


In response to the alarming level of fraudulent claims, the IRS has launched investigations into potential criminal activity involving nearly $3 billion. These investigations aim to hold accountable those who have attempted to exploit the system, protecting the integrity of the program and ensuring it continues to benefit those who genuinely need and deserve assistance.

The Employee Retention Credit program, intended to provide financial relief during the pandemic, has unfortunately fallen victim to unscrupulous individuals seeking personal gain. As the IRS implements a moratorium on new claims and investigates potentially fraudulent activity, Fast Labs reaffirms its commitment to accuracy and authenticity in the realm of COVID-19 testing. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our at-home testing kits and trust in Fast Labs’ commitment to your well-being.

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